Enhanced Test Questions

As a school administrator, you rely on assessment data to guide your decision-making and curriculum design.

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Data is the Lifeblood of Your Work

You may find test questions designed to produce this data are inadequate or superficial, and that assessments are not aligned with your curriculum. Multiple choice questions can lead to teaching to the test, and in turn students become detached and stop using critical thinking.

The assessment reports may look good – but they are of no help if the questions that generate the reports are not up to your standards.

How Enhanced Test Questions Change Assessment

Track My Progress offers a better way. We have developed enhanced test questions to measure the depth and rigor of the Common Core State Standards. Track My Progress provides a more engaging experience for your students and better decision-making data for you.

With Track My Progress assessments, the test questions are different from one screen to another. Students interact with online tools that provide a more realistic assessment experience, solving problems that require more than one solution. This keeps them engaged as they:

  • Work through timed fluency questions that measure the Common Core fluency standards.
  • Graph and plot their answers.
  • Solve problems by producing the correct answers, not guessing.

On the reading assessment, you see a variety of test questions, longer and richer reading passages and more engaged students, with younger students working only with questions suited to their level of learning.

Students can select words or sentences by clicking on words to highlight them. This ability to delve into the question and engage with it in an interactive way is a more authentic way to assess close reading.

Students will use their skills with syntax and semantics to identify missing words. When you read test scores you will have confidence that you are measuring what you are teaching, and that the data reflects progress against the Common Core State Standards.

Getting the Most from Assessment Data

Drilling down to the actual test question and student answer gives valuable insights into the students’ problem-solving process. Best of all your students are more engaged and they are thinking critically. Track My Progress offers a more robust, engaged, and interactive process through which you can evaluate and measure progress against not only your curriculum, but the standards to which you are teaching.

Contact us today to learn more about enhanced questions and adaptive testing can enhance the experience of your students.