Assessment Solutions for Principals

Principals face several challenges, working to ensure students don’t fall through the cracks. Learn how the right assessment data can help face these challenges. 

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Address Concerns with Every Available Tool

Principals face several challenges, working to ensure students don’t fall through the cracks. You must give your teachers the best information, tools and guidance, all while identifying concerns early and addressing them to keep parents and other administrators up to date on progress. 

Assessment data can help – but there can be complications. The amount of time it takes to setup the system, the training required for teachers to become proficient in its use, and the accessibility and usefulness of data are all potential issues. Tests may not align with the curriculum, and if multiple-choice questions only encourage teaching to the test, how authentic can learning be? 

The Solution to Assessment Challenges

Track My Progress is a Common Core assessment that gives you answers and lets your teachers spend more time teaching. Here’s how it works:

  • Teachers give efficient Common Core tests in reading and math to begin the year. Each test takes 20 minutes and data is available instantly.
  • Teachers can see -- without hours of training -- a profile of Common Core strengths and weaknesses for their class, which students are at-risk, suggested instructional groups, and a diagnostic profile for each student.
  • Teachers can assess three more times during the year to ensure all students are making progress and to confirm that interventions are working.
  • The principal can sign in to see progress for each grade, class and student, compare the progress of classes, and see how the school is progressing on each Common Core domain.

With Track My Progress, you will have completed universal screening for reading and math in the first week of school, knowing which students and classrooms need support almost immediately.

This information gives you the ability to make better informed decisions earlier in the year so there are fewer surprises in the spring. Adjustments can be made immediately and you’ll know at each stage of the process which programs and initiatives are working, and which are not.

Most importantly, this puts you and your staff on the same page, allowing a clearer, more productive discussion from the start. Teachers will thank you for a manageable assessment that lets them spend more time teaching, and you’ll have the data and insights you need to make good decisions for your school.

Learn more about how Track My Progress provides a framework for insightful assessment with data that can be used to improve and support instruction for your students. Contact us today to discuss assessment solutions for your school.

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