Students take Common Core State Standards tests in Reading, Language & Math

Four times a year your students take quick online assessments in Reading, Language & Math to determine their level of mastery of the Common Core State Standard for their grade level. The tests use innovative test questions to determine if your students have the deeper level of understanding that Common Core requires.

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View student progress instantly

You can see your students’ progress as soon as they complete their test. Online data displays illuminate which students need additional support and in which areas of the Common Core State Standards.

  • Results are available for each CCSS subject and domain.
  • Compare the progress of all your students.
  • View a detailed profile of individual students.
  • Track your students progress over the course of the year.

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Customize your lesson plans and interventions based on each student’s unique CCSS profile.

The data from Track My Progress supports you in your efforts to provide differentiated instruction tied closely to the Common Core State Standards.

  • Differentiate your lessons with instructional groups.
  • Target your instruction by reviewing the exact test questions a student missed.
  • Identify for which CCSS domains students need more intensive instruction.

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