Finding Patterns in Educational Data to Improve Learning

There is that point in the student assessment process where our students complete testing and it is time to carefully review the data. This is when see how our kids faired; some surprise us with how well they do and others do not do as well as we might have expected. This leaves us with the question: What do we do next with our educational data to guide and inform instruction?

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The Key to Understanding Student Test Scores

Have you ever received ineterim assessment scores for your students with a few scores that make you wonder, how in the world did that happen? You sometimes find scores that seem to not make sense because many assessments are not transparent. The key to understanding student test scores so that you can improve learning is using a transparent assessment.

With a transparent assessment, you have the opportunity to drill into your data and learn exactly what happened in each student’s test experience. Maybe some standards were assessed that you had not yet taught. Or, it could be a student skipped several questions and rushed on a few others lowering her score. With a transparent test, you can investigate where her performance surprsied you and even review the test with your student to discuss what her thinking was for specific questions where her performance was unexpected.

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