Guide Student Learning with Real Time Feedback

Using data from Track My Progress, identify high performing students, those who have made significant improvement, and those in need of intervention. 

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Make Sure Every Student is Growing

For a student who is well below grade level, Track My Progress helps you ensure meaningful growth each assessment period and that the gap with their peer group is closing. While Track My Progress can help you predict who is likely to do well and who is not, it can do much more than that.

This student might not be able to completely catch up in one year, but by tracking growth you can make sure the student is on a meaningful path to long term improvement.


Know Your Students and Adjust Your Instruction Based on Performance

Go beyond routine instruction and customize your approach with data that indentifies top performers as well as those in need of additional instruction:

  • Differentiate your instruction for the high performing students in your class - Track My Progress allows you to identify the group of students that are the top performers and potentially ready to take their learning to a new level. It allows you to identify this group for each Common Core State Standard subject and domain. Sometimes a student may be high performing in one domain but not in another.
  • Identify which students need increased intervention intensity - Track My Progress identifies which students are at risk for school failure or are not growing at a rate comparable to their peers. You can increase intervention intensity for these students and then track the impact of this increase.
  • Determine when an intervention can be discontinued - Track My Progress allows you to track student progress for CCSS domains. This enables you to see how a student is progressing relative to the peer group with a very specific component of the curriculum and when the student has closed the gap.
  • View the exact test questions that cause a student trouble - Drill down to see the test question a student answered incorrectly. You can also see the correct answer for the question and what the student entered. If a student answered a word problem from the math test and made a small calculation error you know to respond differently than if the student’s answer revealed a larger conceptual gap.

Determine What to Teach Next

For students who are well above or below the scripted curriculum, it can be challenging to determine what these students should be taught next. Track My Progress supports you in these situations by indicating the weakest Common Core State Standard subject and domain. 

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