Which of my students are at risk for reading,
language or math failure?
Who is not making sufficient progress to keep up with their peers?
What are the optimal instructional groups for my class?
How are my students progressing in their learning of the Common Core State Standards?

The below chart shows the amount of Common Core State Standards learning on a standardized scale score for each student. The longer the bar, the more progress the student has made. At risk students are indicated in red. These students are at or below the 25th percentile and are at risk for failure. The students with yellow horizontal progress bars are borderline. They are near the at-risk threshold. The next performance group is blue. The highest performance group is green. These four colors indicate instructional groups for your class.

By drilling down on the progress bar for a specific student you see the test scores for that student. The vertical progress bars indicate the scale score for each assessment period. Rolling over a specific test provides the scale score and progress. Clicking the “View Test” link will bring you to a list of each test question that the student saw for that test.

Drill down further to see each test question the student saw, the Common Core State Standard it measures, the difficulty level of the question and whether the student answered correctly or incorrectly. If you want to see details on a specific question click the “View Question” link..

By drilling down on the question from the test summary you can see the test question just as the student saw it during the test session. You have the option to see the correct answer, or the answer the student provided. You can even provide feedback to us on the test question.

For parent-teacher conferences, or team meetings, you might use the below display on the overall progress of one specific student. Here you see overall progress for the Common Core State Standards subjects of Reading, Language and Math. Additionally, you see the domains that support each subject. The progress bars are again colored red, yellow, blue and green to indicate the performance category of the student for a specific CCSS subject or domain.