There are no CCSS tests to download, print or grade, no data to upload. Once you create your account and enter your student’s usernames and passwords they are ready to begin their first test. This will give you a baseline from which to measure their progress throughout the year.


Fill in the blank question type: Common Core State Standard: 2.L.1a


Reading fluency and comprehension: Common Core State Standard 2.RF.4

Students login with their Track My Progress username and password on computers or iPads to take a 20-minute test in either Reading or Math. For example, during the first week of school your students might take a Track My Progress Reading Test. The second week they take a Track My Progress Math test. During the last two weeks of the month you can have any students make up tests they might have missed. You may also have your students test less frequently or in only one or two subjects.

Track My Progress was constructed from the ground up to measure the Common Core State Standards. We have developed thousands of CCSS test questions to comprehensively measure student progress against the Common Core State Standards for Reading, Language and Math.


Math fact fluency: Common Core State Standard 3.OA.7

Draw a line question type: Common Core State Standard 4.G.3


Many students in the early grades today will be taking online Common Core State Standard end of year assessments later in their academic career. Track My Progress can help ready your students for these assessments by exposing them to a more focused and in-depth online assessment than traditional standards-based assessments. Track My Progress emphasizes probing student understanding of reading comprehension of informational and literary texts as well as in-depth mastery of math concepts. Beginning in kindergarten your students become comfortable with the type of online assessment they will see in later grades.

Track My Progress features innovative test questions that assess for a deeper level of understanding relative to traditional multiple-choice tests. Here are some examples of our question types we engineered to measure the Common Core State Standards (CCSS):


Select a word from a text: Common Core State Standard 2.RF.3f


Audio narration and large buttons help support young learners. Common Core State Standard 1.RF.2a

The user interface for kindergarten through grade two students is designed for the needs of young learners. These features include:

  • Audio narration
  • Large interactive buttons
  • Non-distracting layout
  • Specially designed test items.